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July 7, 2022

You’ve heard of 4/20 — but what about 7/10? Whether you’re a newbie who is curious to try oil, or just looking for the best THC distillate in Massachusetts, our medical and recreational dispensaries have you covered this Oil Day.

Every year, July 10th has come to be known as Oil Day in the cannabis industry. Why? Because 710 upside down and backwards spells “OIL” of course! According to Leafly, “Since about 2013, the 7/10 holiday has grown in popularity each year.”

Compared to 4/20, however, 7/10 is the lesser-known, younger cousin of cannabis holidays. People tend to think that oil and extracts are for heavy cannabis users, but if you tuned into our Extractor's Guide to Oil Day — an interview with the Extractions Process Specialist at our Worcester production facility, Joe Rosenthal — you’d know that even if you’re a newbie just hearing about Oil Day, you can still celebrate! Plus, 7/10 lands right in the middle of the summer season, making it the perfect holiday to light up and enjoy cannabis a different way, with oil and extracts. So, let’s dig in.

Why try concentrates?

First things first — Let’s look into why concentrates are so popular among cannabis lovers both seasoned and novice. A few reasons you might spring for extracts are:

  • If you’re looking to spice up your cannabis experience
  • If you have a high tolerance, and want something stronger than the traditional flower
  • If you’re a medical patient and are looking for a potent option for relief
  • If you don’t want to inhale ash or plant matter when you take a hit
  • If you love clean vapor, intense body highs, and smooth hits

How do you consume oil and other concentrates?

With lots of scientific terms and other vocabulary associated with the world of concentrates, some find diving into them intimidating. For example, the most popular extract types include oil, wax, shatter, sugar, rosin, live resin, sauce, diamonds, budder, isolate… and more. With such a wide array of options, how do you choose?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s focus on the types of extracts we specialize in for our CORE Concentrates: Oil, shatter, sugar, wax, and live resin. (Read more about each form of concentrate in our blog: Concentrates 101).

First, decide how you’re consuming. You can either dab, vape, or smoke it (in your bowl, joint, or blunt). But not all concentrates are made for all consumption methods.

To dab, you need:

  • A dab rig and banger
  • Cannabis concentrate
  • A torch
  • A carb cap (a lid for your banger between hits, optional)

To vape, you need either: 

  • A VSPR vape cartridge or disposable vape (a cannabis oil pen formulated right here in Massachusetts)
  • A portable dab vape pen, like a Lunar Concentrate Vaporizer from Dip Devices
  • A dab device, like the Little Dipper from Dip Devices

To smoke concentrate, simply add sugar or live resin to a bowl of flower or to a joint for that extra kick. (You cannot reliably combust other forms of concentrates, like oil or wax). You can, however, vape or dab any of these concentrates.

Next, decide how you want your concentrate experience to be. Different strain types (like an indica, a sativa or a hybrid) may play a role in the effects on your body, and so will different forms of concentrate.

For example, live resin can contain more fresh cannabis aromas and terpenes than dried, cured cannabis, so the flavor intensity is strong, and so is the aroma of your hit. However the flavors and aromas from an oil, or distillate, hit are weaker, but the typical THCA potency is higher in oil than with other forms of concentrate.

Head over to our blog, Concentrates: Which one is best for me?, or read our chart below to learn more about how each concentrate hits.


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