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December 28, 2022

At Temescal Wellness dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield, we carry some of the best-selling cannabis products in Massachusetts. If you’re in search of the quintessential Massachusetts-themed snack to go with your Massachusetts-grown cannabis, keep reading!

Whether you’re buying medical cannabis or you’re in search of a rec shop in Framingham, Hudson or Pittsfield, let Temescal Wellness dispensaries near you supply the high with some of the best-selling cannabis products in Massachusetts while you find the perfect food pairing for your elevated Massachusetts experience.

With more than 18,000 restaurants, over 1,500 miles of coastline, 7,000+ farms, populations with rich cultural ancestries, and large immigrant communities from around the globe — Massachusetts is a great place for foodies (especially those who love pot dispensaries).

Cannabis edibles sold by Temescal Wellness in Massachusetts

Pairing cannabis with tasty snacks, sips, and bites from around the state (or your own kitchen) is a no-brainer, whether you prefer smoking pre-rolled joints, packing your cannabis flower into a bowl or bong, vaping a fresh distillate or oil cartridge, enjoying a sweet edible, or dabbing potent cannabis resin from your favorite Massachusetts dispensary. At Temescal Wellness, we’re proud to offer a variety of top choice cannabis options for our recreational cannabis guests and medical cannabis patients, but the question remains: What food goes best with your favorite cannabis products?

Keep reading to find out some of the best Massachusetts foods to pair with cannabis from Temescal Wellness.

Best Seller: Cannabis Vapes

Here’s a quick science lesson before you step into some of the best dispensaries in MA and buy one of the most popular items on our menus — vapes.

Vaping, the popular and discreet form of consuming weed, is the best way to preserve terpenes in high quality cannabis. We have a whole other blog about terpenes you can read, but the important thing for cannabis-loving foodies to know is that terpenes are what give certain cannabis strains their unique smell and its vapor a strong taste. 

Some of the most common terpenes like limonene can have a lemon/lime zest flavor, while myrcene has a citrus/herbal flavor, and caryophyllene tastes like spices and herbs. Meanwhile linalool tastes herby and floral and pinene tastes, to nobody’s surprise, like pine and spruce.

So, when you’re searching for cannabis at a Massachusetts shop and decide to pick up a potent disposable vape from any Temescal Wellness dispensary in Massachusetts, attempt to pair your terpenes with your meal! For example, try a limonene-forward strain in your vape with a Massachusetts staple, a lobster roll! Similarly, perfectly seared scallops would complement the citrus and herbal flavor of a cannabis vape with a myrcene strain.

Save your pinene and caryophyllene-dominant strains for classic Massachusetts dishes like Boston baked beans — not the candy coated peanuts, but the sweet and savory molasses-soaked dish. Whether you’re a recreational cannabis beginner or a medical cannabis patient shopping for wellness in MA, our knowledgeable and accepting staff at our cannabis dispensary in Hudson, Framingham, and Pittsfield would be happy to give you tips on terps!

Best Seller: Cannabis Edibles

For cannabis lovers with a sweet tooth — this one’s for you. If cannabis-infused chocolates strike your fancy, pair an elevated chocolate bar with another sweet treat that Massachusetts is famous for: apple cider donuts! In the fall season, you can often buy apple cider donuts fresh and hot out of the fryer! You can find plenty of apple orchards surrounding each of our Massachusetts dispensaries, especially our dispensary in Pittsfield, which is nestled near the Berkshires. There’s nothing better. 

Or, try your hand at finding a classic Massachusetts dessert that your parents will probably remember if they’re from Mass: grapenut custard. Kennedy's Restaurant & Market, near our dispensary in Hudson, has it on their menu! Frappes (no, not frappuccinos) are another sweet treat unique to Massachusetts that would go great with our popular cannabis-infused chocolate edibles.

Lastly, for those looking to pair top choice cannabis infused edibles from our Temescal Wellness dispensaries in Massachusetts, try balancing out our sweet cannabis fruit chews with a bit of spice! Hudson, being one of the Massachusetts towns with a high Portuguese population, offers loads of options when it comes to Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine near the Temescal Wellness Hudson dispensary. Though this food isn’t always necessarily spicy, it is always filled with delectable spices that would balance out a sweet edible high. 

Best Seller: Cannabis Concentrate

For many who enjoy high THC concentrates, like the cannabis rosin, wax, and oil we have on our online menus at Temescal Wellness dispensaries, you may have noticed that you have heightened senses with your high — including texture! For this reason, we recommend pairing our potent and popular cannabis concentrates with food that’s also fun to eat.

Cannabis concentrate made by Temescal Wellness in Massachusetts

Texture-rich Massachusetts foods to pair with cannabis concentrates include griddled blueberry muffins (a unique New England phenomenon), Cape Cod potato chips (which you can find at nearly any grocery store or market in Massachusetts), and fried clams (a satisfying seafood sensation, best served hot on the side of the road, beachside)!

Best Seller: Cannabis Flower and Pre-rolled Joint

Cannabis flower buds purchased from Temescal Wellness in Massachusetts

If you’re a cannabis consumer who wants to stick with a classic consumption method like packing cannabis flower in your bong, you must reach for the most classic Massachusetts dish of all — New England clam chowder, topped with oyster crackers of course.

Popular Item sold in Massachusetts near Temescal Wellness in Hudson

Italian-style pizza is another stoner classic that won’t disappoint when paired with cannabis flower from a Temescal Wellness dispensary near you. Pittsfield is among the cities in Massachusetts with the highest percentage of Italians in the state. So naturally, this town offers some great Italian options, like Papa Joe’s and Crust, if you’re elevated and looking for fresh, hot pizza to pair with a great cannabis high — all near our Pittsfield cannabis dispensary!

Don’t fill up on cheese, though. Hit your bowl or take a drag from a pre-rolled joint that you can order online and pick up from any of our Massachusetts dispensaries (which service recreational cannabis guests and medical patients), then scoop a much-loved Massachusetts dessert: a Hoodsie cup. If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, try another simple option: spread peanut butter and marshmallow fluff in between two slices of bread, and enjoy a fluffernutter sandwich! It’s a Massachusetts favorite.

Hiking trails located near Temescal Wellness cannabis dispensary in Pittsfield, MA

About to search “rec shop near me,” but still unsure of your ultimate Massachusetts foodie/cannabis pairing? Ask our friendly, knowledgeable PSAs — We’re eager to make suggestions and recommendations, making us one of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts. Check out our menus and shop for cannabis online today!

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