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November 21, 2022

So you’re looking to save money at your favorite dispensaries in MA?

Whether you’re shopping the newest strains off the recreational cannabis dispensary menu or you’re a medical cannabis patient looking for highly potent edibles and concentrates, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on cannabis at the best dispensaries in MA — Temescal Wellness!

So put the mobile banking app down — here are five ways you can save money when you shop Massachusetts cannabis.

1. Get SMS or emails sent directly to you with deals!

You can’t score great cannabis deals unless you know about them! One of the most effective ways to save money at our cannabis dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield, MA is by subscribing to the Temsacal Wellness VIP Cannabis Club newsletter. It’s free and easy to do.

Discover new cannabis products weekly, find out which Massachusetts shop has the product you’re looking for, and learn more about exclusive product and offers like price drops, product bundles, and cumulative pricing on flower, pre-rolls, and more.

Sign up to receive weekly news about cannabis deals via text or email on our site.

An informative sign about signing up for messaging inside a cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts

2: Join Loyalty Programs/Clubs

No matter which Temescal Wellness dispensary in Massachusetts you choose to visit, you can earn rewards on every cannabis purchase when you join our MA dispensary loyalty program, the VIP Cannabis Club.

Becoming a VIP Cannabis Club member is free! You’ll get updates tailored to your local Temescal Wellness dispensary, whether you buy medical or recreational cannabis in Pittsfield, Hudson, or Framingham. Not only will you be the first to hear about new cannabis products with exclusive access, but you’ll also receive gifts like accessories and Temescal Wellness swag for members only. Plus, you’ll never have to go scouring the internet for our store hours, news, and alerts. If you’re a VIP Cannabis Club member, you’ll get real-time updates. Sign up on our site now or read more about the VIP Cannabis Club in this dedicated blog post.

Whether you are a medical patient or a recreational user and are looking for discounted cannabis on every purchase, our Kind+ program might be more your speed. Get 5% off every cannabis order – every time you visit! Feel free to chat with one of our patient service associates (PSAs) next time you stop by one of our Massachuetts dispensaries to learn more.

Happy guest ordering cannabis online from Temescal Wellness in Massachusetts

3: Medical Patient Benefits

If you’re a medical cannabis patient, you stand to save big time on your cannabis purchases. First and foremost, patients pay no taxes on medical cannabis in Massachusetts — that’s huge! For first-time medical cannabis purchases at Temescal Wellness, every medical patient receives a 20% discount. Additionally, at Temescal Wellness dispensaries, we offer 15% off every purchase for medical patients aged 65+ any day of the week. We also have a Patient Affordability Program discount of 15% off every cannabis purchase for qualifying patients (any registered patient with verification that they are a current recipient of MA Medicaid or SSI/SSDI benefits). And our *medical card renewal discount is 20% off your first purchase following the renewal of your Massachusetts medical cannabis card.

Our VIP Cannabis Club program also gives medical patients access to loyalty points to apply towards future visits to Temescal Wellness dispensaries! Every Tuesday, we offer our medical patients who are VIP Cannabis Club members double loyalty points. 

Each Temescal Wellness dispensary in Massachusetts offers great discounts on medical cannabis menus, and our kind and knowledgeable PSAs are here to help you choose the best products from our medical cannabis dispensary menus. Whether you’re shopping at med dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, or Pittsfield, you’ll always be able to choose from a wide variety of products for your needs, including medical-exclusive special products.

Curious about all the other benefits that come with flashing your medical card at the cannabis shop? Check out our blog on medical patient perks.

Exclusive pricing information about products available inside Temescal Wellness in Massachusetts

4: Discounts, Bundles & Tiered Pricing

Some of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts offer cumulative pricing for recreational cannabis. On each of our store menus, you can find out which cannabis products have special pricing for recreational guests who visit any of our MA dispensaries in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield. 

Medical patients who are US Veterans also receive a discount of 22% off every cannabis purchase. Our disabled Veteran discount is 40% off every cannabis purchase for qualifying veterans (this applies to service members only with appropriate verification). Our *Birthday discount, which can be combined with other discounts, is 10% off your first purchase following your birthday!

For limited-time specials and more Temescal Wellness dispensary deals, please see the dispensary menus on our shop page. Just remember that cumulative pricing is applied in-store at the time of purchase. The prices listed do not include tax.

Lab-Tested Premium Cannabis Grown by Temescal Wellness of Massachusetts

5: Talk to Dispensary Staff and Check Their Social Media for Offers and Price Drops

If you’re trying to find your best dispensary near Framingham, figure out which is the best dispensary in Hudson for cannabis savings, or decide which Pittsfield dispensary is best for your needs — this is our #1 tip: Try looking at their online reviews to find out if customers are describing a perfect dispensary experience for your needs. If friendly service for everyone, everytime is important to you, give them a call and talk to their staff. If a convenient location is high priority, see what customers have to say! 

After your visit, leave a review for future customers! Whether the staff was exceptionally helpful, your cannabis shop had a great selection, or you bought great medical flower during your last visit, dispensaries and other cannabis customers want to know what you thought!

Lastly, check out your dispensary’s social media presence. For example, the Temescal Wellness Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages are always posting about new deals, bundles, and discounts on cannabis at our cannabis shops in Framingham, Hudson, and Pittsfield. Plus, you get to see behind the scenes and our dispensaries’ hours during the holiday season. 

Just give one of our local Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries a call or feel free to ask questions when picking up your next online order. You can always email us at info-ma@temescalwellness.com or check out our frequently asked questions.

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*Offers valid for 30 days.

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